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Achievements in Economics Department

In the realm of Economics, faculty achievements showcase a robust engagement in research and academic endeavors. Faculty members have contributed significantly to the field through published research papers, books, and book chapters. They have actively participated in conferences, seminars, and workshops, presenting a total of 40 papers and chairing 17 sessions. Moreover, their involvement in curriculum development and university examinations reflects their commitment to academic excellence. The faculty has undertaken 65 research projects, demonstrating a dedication to advancing knowledge in economics. Additionally, they have received recognition through awards and affiliations with other universities or institutions. This collective effort underscores a vibrant academic environment focused on scholarly pursuits and knowledge dissemination.



Research Project

Title: India-China Trade Deficit: Causes, Effects and Solutions

Funding Authority: ICSSR, Ministry of Education

Awardees: Prof. Ashwani Mahajan & Prof. Phool Chand

Type of Project: Major (Awarded on 26th Nov. 2018)

Sanctioned Grant for the Project: 6,50,000

Students' Achievements in BA (H) Economics

The students from BA (H) Economics have achieved notable successes. Koshika Pandey secured the Best Student of the Year award and won competitions in photography and short filmmaking. Raj Rajeshwari Batra excelled in public speaking and debates. Sarth Jain contributed to Y20, G20 INDIA programs, and Gaurika Wahal served as the President of Ecolibrium.

Other students like Kashish Mittal, Varun Sharma, and Arishtha obtained internships at prestigious organizations. Chetna Sharma interned at Escorts Kubota Limited, while Sejal Jain received academic awards and secured placements at JustDial. Rajat demonstrated leadership as Vice President of Hyperion and won numerous prizes in filmmaking competitions. Vartika Srivastava gained diverse internship experiences, and Smiley Saha interned at Fortis Healthcare.

Further achievements include Sahil Singh's success in football tournaments, Niharika Gupta's debate competition win, and Pranav Pande's accolades in paper presentations and debates. Nitya Dua completed internships at WIPRO and Fortis Healthcare and served as a Junior Manager at AIESEC IN INDIA. Overall, these achievements reflect the academic and extracurricular excellence of the students in the Economics department.