The NCC is the largest uniformed youth organization in the world, and its varied curriculum and range of activities offer exceptional chances for youth development. This year, the SW cadets of PGDAV College had the chance to develop and acquire new abilities through various camps and training programmes.

Core Team

    • Lt Renu Jonwall
    • JUO Angela Dutt
    • CSM Madhu Bisht
    • CQMS Ritika Yadav
    • SGT Neha Sharma
    • CPL Sneha Jain
    • CPL Sakshi Tanwar
    • CPL Alisha Khan

CAMP ATTENDED in Academic year 2023-24

  • Special National Integration Camp (SNIC), Srinagar - JUO Angela Dutt
  • Rock Climbing Training Camp (RCTC), Pithoragarh - SGT Neha Sharma
  • Scuba Diving Camp - CSM Madhu Bisht
  • Ek Bharat Shreshtha Camp (EBSB), Delhi - LCPL Ritu Yadav, CDT Riya Yadav, CDT Priya
  • Ek Bharat Shreshtha Camp (EBSB), Nagrota - LCPL Ishika, CDT Neha Pandey
  • Special National Integration Camp (SNIC), Gujrat - CSM Madhu Bisht
  • Army Attachment Camp, Delhi - JUO Angela Dutt, CQMS Ritika Yadav, CDT Vandana
  • West Bengal & Sikkim Trekking Camp - CPL Sneha Jain, LCPL Asha R.
  • Chief Minister Rally 2024 - LCPL Muskan Khan
  • Prime Minister Rally 2024 - LCPL Asha R., LCPL Ritu Yadav, CDT Anuja, CDT Riya Yadav, CDT Neha Pandey, CDT Tannu
  • Independance Day Camp, JUO Angela Dutt, CPL Alisha Khan, CDT Vandana, CDT Neha Pandey

Awards and Prestigious camps (since 2018)

  • SUO Riya Mishra was honored with "The Best Cadet" award (2019-2020) & was also part of the Republic day parade in the same year.
  • She was also awarded with the DG NCC Commendation card for her contribution to NCC which is a national level award. This award is given to NCC personnel and Cadets for their utmost sincerity, dedication and exemplary performance in DG NCC RDC Camp.
  • For three consecutive years of Jan 2019, Jan 2020 and Jan 2021, Four SW cadets marched on Kartavya path, namely-
    • SUO Riya Mishra (Jan 2019)
    • JUO Yogita Barman (Jan 2020)
    • Cadet Aditi Nirmal (Jan 2020)
    • SUO Shikha Thapa (Jan 2021)
  • JUO Lakshita Makkar and Cadet Shivani Chaudhary also showcased their dedication and hardwork in Thal Sainik Camp 2019.
  • In Jan 2022, cadet Preeti received the ADG award for her performance in PM's rally.
  • In Jan 2023, JUO Ekta was awarded with DG NCC Commendation Card which is a national level award.