North East Cell

North East Cell


North East Cell is a dedicated body within our institution that focuses on the welfare, support, and integration of students from the North Eastern states of India, as well as students belonging to other Himalayan regions.

Given the cultural, linguistic, and geographical diversity of India, students from the North East might face unique challenges when studying outside their home states. These challenges could include adjusting to a different cultural environment, dealing with homesickness, and facing discrimination or stereotypes.

The North East Cell (NEC) orchestrates a series of engaging events throughout the academic year, catering to the diverse needs and interests of its members. These are:

Admission Help Desk: During the admission season, NEC sets up a welcoming help desk to assist new students and their parents. This dedicated team provides guidance on college procedures, accommodation options, and transportation facilities, ensuring a smooth transition for those embarking on their academic journey.

Education Tour within Delhi:  As part of its commitment to holistic education, NEC organizes enriching day trips to educational sites around Delhi. These excursions offer members the opportunity to explore historical landmarks, museums, and cultural hubs, fostering a deeper understanding of the region's heritage and academic resources.

Academic Talk: In collaboration with academic departments, NEC hosts insightful talk sessions featuring esteemed guest speakers and faculty members. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, from career guidance and research opportunities to cultural exchange and community outreach, empowering members to expand their intellectual horizons beyond the classroom.

Heritage - the Cultural Fest: One of the highlights of the academic calendar is the vibrant cultural festival organized by NEC. This dynamic event celebrates the rich diversity of northeastern culture through captivating performances, art exhibitions, culinary delights, and interactive workshops. Through these festivities, NEC creates a welcoming space for students to showcase their talents, share their heritage, and forge lasting friendships within the college community.

Faculty members:

Convenor: Ms. Lallianpuii Ralte

Co-Convenor: Ms. RVS Chuimila

Student Executive Members:

President: Afrina Yasmin

Vice President: Priyambada

General Secretary: J Thiveinai Glory

Cultural Secretary: Khanimpam Ningshen

Sports Secretary: Tenzin Dondu

Finance Secretary: Junaki Dutta

Creative Head: Pauline Lepcha and Renedy Naoroibam


Pictures of events organised