Political Science


The Department of Political Science was established in 1972. Political Science as a discipline of study offers the opportunity to comprehend diversities in social formations, the constitutional design of democratic governance and the policy processes of governments at all three levels. It includes both theoretical and practical aspects of politics, involving the examination and evaluation of the nature of engagement between the citizens, constituents of civil society, political parties, and agencies of the state. Its subfields encompass areas such as political philosophy, constitutional analysis, political systems of different polities, public administration, gender, international organizations, foreign policy, and international relations. In line with the National Education Policy, the department has introduced relevant and research-oriented papers that complement the core subjects, including Indian Government and Politics,  Indian Constitution, Democracy and Governance, Comparative Government and Politics, Political Theory, Indian Constitution, International Relations, Public Administration and Public Policy, Understanding Ambedkar, Gandhi and the Contemporary World, and Feminism. Additionally, students have the option of choosing any career-oriented papers under the SEC and VAC categories. Acquiring knowledge in these areas proves beneficial for careers in Civil Services, Law, Media, Politics, Policy Studies, Management, Journalism, NGOs, and in Academics.

 To foster student engagement, the department has established an elected students' society called 'Samvad.' This society regularly organizes debates and competitions, which provide students with opportunities to showcase their skills and knowledge. For more information, you can visit the Facebook, Instagram page, and YouTube channel of Samvaad, the Political Science Society of the Department of Political Science, PGDAV College.


B.A. Programme A multidisciplinary course with two disciples of study, B.A. (Hons.) Political Science