Generic Elective

Generic Elective

We offer a variety of generic elective courses in our College.

List of papers for Generic Electives offered by the College during Odd Semester

S.No. Department Semester 1 Semester 3 Semester 5
1. Commerce
  • Business Organisation.
  • Finance for Everyone.
Fundamentals of Marketing Modern Business Organisation
2. Computer Science
  • Programming Using C++.
  • Programming with Python.
Computer NetworkS(Prac) IT fundamentals
3. English
  • Literature and Human Rights.
· Readings on Indian Diversities and Literature Movements. · English Language Through Literature-1
Contemporary India women empowerment Readings on Indian Diversity
4. Economics
  • Essential of Economics
  • Principles of Microeconomics-I
A. Indian Economy-1 B. Money and Banking Principles of Microeconomics
5. Hindi
  • हिंदी का वैश्विक परिदृश्य
  • हिंदी सिनेमा और उसका अध्ययन
  • हिंदी भाषा और साहित्य- क (BA)
  • हिंदी भाषा और साहित्य- ख (BA)
  • हिंदी भाषा और साहित्य - ख(BA)
(I) हिंदी में व्यावहारिक अनुवाद (II) भाषा और समाज (क) अनुवाद: व्यवहार और सिद्धांत (ख) जनपदीय साहित्य
6. History Science, Technologies and Human: Contested Histories The making of Post colonial India Women in Indian History
7. Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Calculus
· Theory of Equations and Symmetries
(I) Differential Equations with Practical (II) Linear Programming & Game Theory General Maths I
8. Political Science Ideas in Indian Political Thought (I) Understanding Ambedkar (II) Governance Issue and challenges Understanding Gandhi
9. Sanskrit Basic Principles of Ayurveda Ancient India Polity Political thought in Sanskrit
10. Statistics
  • Basic Statistics
  • Introduction to Statistics
Basics of Statistical Inferences(Prac) -
11. EVS
  • Green Technologies
· Human wildlife Conflict and Management
- -

List of papers for Generic Electives offered by the College during Odd even

S.No. Department Semester 2 Semester 4 Semester 6
1. Commerce Financial Management for Beginners Insurance and Risk Management Business Management
2. Computer Science Data Analysis and Visualization Using Python. Information security and Cyber Law Multimedia & Webdesign
3. English · Cinematic Adaptations of Literary Texts. · Contemporary India: Women and Empowerment · English Language Through Literature 1 Academic, Writing and Composition Media & Communication Skills
4. Economics A. Principles of Macroeconomics 1 B. Basic statistics for Economics. A. Indian Economy. (A) Indian Economy II (B) Public Finance
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
5. Hindi
  • भाषा और समाज
  • हिंदी भाषा और ललपप का इतिहास
  • हिंदी भाषा और साहित्य का उद्धभव और विकास - क ( Bcom)
  • हिंदी भाषा और साहित्य का उद्धभव और विकास - ख ( Bcom)
  • हिंदी भाषा और साहित्य का उद्धभव और विकास - ग ( Bcom)
(I) हिंदी का वैश्विक परिदृश्य (II) भाषा शिक्षण (क)अस्मितामूलक अध्ययन और हिंदी भाषा (ख)हिंदी सिनेमा और उसका अध्ययन
6. History · History and culture: Representations in Texts, Objects and Performance Histories.
  • Indian Society: A Historical Perspective
Religion and Regionisity.(NC) Delhi through the ages(NC)
7. Mathematics
  • Analytic Geometry
  • Introduction To Linear Algebra
  • Numerical Method (Prac)
  • Elements of Analysis
General Maths 2
8. Political Science
  • Introduction to the Indian Constitution
  • Nationalism in India
  • Politics of Globalisation
· United Nations and global conflicts
Human Rights Gender & Environment
9. Sanskrit Basic Sanskrit Sanskrit: Nationalism and Indian Literature Basics of Sanskrit Linguistics
10. Statistics
  • Introductory Probability
  • Applications in Statistics -II
Applied statistics (Th+ Prac) -
11. EVS · Circular Economy and Environmental Sustainability · Wetland for Industries and Environment - -