Cultural Society - HYPERION

Cultural Society - HYPERION


Hyperion – the cultural society of PGDAV College is a vibrant and active society that aims to discover talent among students and to provide a platform for their talent to flourish.

Towards the realization of this goal, throughout the year, it participates in and organizes various intra university and inter-university events. Hyperion comprises a myriad of units dedicated to art, culture, and literature.

The annual celebration of the talent of first years, “Exploranza'', is exclusively organized for the students of the first year, which paves the way towards an extraordinary display of their talents.

Our students continue to shine and thrive, proving their mettle at university, state and national level competitions, adding to the prestige of the College. The session 2021-22 has been a shining beacon of light in the already illustrious history of this society. It was an extremely successful cultural session for P.G.D.A.V. as Hyperion registered more than 130 prizes and achievements across the nation in various IIMs, IITs and University of Delhi colleges, to mention a few.

Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Hyperion kicked the 2020-2021 session off with an online intracollege event, comprising 24 competitions that involved hundreds of second and third-year students of the College.

Hyperion successfully organized events for the occasion of Shaheed Diwas, March 23rd, 2021. The Slogan Writing, Poetry Writing, Essay Writing and Song Writing competition met with a huge number of participants who showcased their reverence.

Hyperion celebrated the 12th annual National Voter’s Day, on  January 25, 2022. The programme witnessed a poster making and a live public speaking competition on the topic 'The state of India's elections with special emphasis to inclusive voting'. The poster making competition had 12 entries , out of which 7 were shortlisted by judges. The public speaking competition  witnessed the finest speakers. The programme was attended by over 100 people in the online meeting. The program ended with a pledge to increase voting awareness among the youth of our country.

Hyperion organizes the annual cultural festival Aaghaz. The festival always draws huge participation and is much appreciated by a wide audience.

Even during the online session 2020-2021, Aaghaz’21, the annual festival was held on April 16th and 17th, 2021. The two-days fest was held online. The theme of our festival this year was ‘AVIRAL’ – the Voyage Continues. Competitions in various categories such as dance, vocal music, instrumental music, theatre, poetry, digital media etc were held with live-streaming of online events.

After the reopening of the university the annual cultural festival Aaghaz’22 with the theme – ‘स्पदंन’ #celebratingvibrancy was successfully organized for two days (April 5 and April 6, 2022) in blended mode. Twenty-six competitions in various categories- Vocal music, instrumental music, Theatre, Poetry, Digital Media etc. were held with nine of them on college campus and rest on the virtual campus. During these two days the annual exhibition of IRIS (the Film making and Photography Society) and the annual mega nukad naatak event SHOR of Rudra (the Nukad naatak society) were also held. The closing ceremony of Aaghaz’22 was held online on April 10th, 2022 where winners were announced and Niraj Chaudhary of 6 Nerves performed. Aaghaz celebrated the vibrancy of college students from across the nation attending the festival in the college campus. 

Ten socieites work under the agesis of Hyperion, each corresponding to a field related to cultural activites:

  1. Chanakya, the Intellectual Society of PGDAV College
  2. Conundrum, the Western Music Society of PGDAV College
  3. Diversity, the Dance Society of PGDAV College
  4. Iris the Film and Photography Society of P.G.D.A.V. College
  5. IMPRESSIONS, the Fine Arts society of P.G.D.A.V. College
  6. Navrang, the Stage Play Society of PGDAV College
  7. Rapbeats, the first hip-hop music society in the University of Delhi Circuit
  8. Rudra, the Street Play society of PGDAV college
  9. Raaga, the Indian Music Society
  10. Techwhiz, the IT society

Core Team

Faculty Members

  • Dr. Aparna Datt : Convenor
  • Mr. Jagannath Kumar Kashyap : Co-convenor
  • Mr. Jagarnath Kashyap : Treasurer
  • Dr. Harish Chandra : Member
  • Dr. Ravinder Kumar Meena : Member
  • Dr. Rishikesh Kumar : Member
  • Ms. RVS Chuimila : Member
  • Dr. Lalit : Member
  • Mr. Akshay Kumar : Member
  • Mr. Nitin Kumar : Member
  • Dr. Mona Goel : Member
  • Dr. Reshma Tabassum : Member
  • Mr. Akshay Chamoli : Member
  • Dr. Komal : Member
  • Mr. Manoj : Member
  • Dr. Ravi Sagar : Member

Student Coordinator

  • President : Khushi Singh
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