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The history of Department of Sanskrit begins with the history of this college itself. The department enjoys the pride of having some of the stalwarts in the subject as its faculties in the past. Prof. Krishna Lal an internationally acclaimed Vedic scholar who later became the Head of Department of Sanskrit , University of Delhi. More than one hundred students are enrolled at the graduate level in the Department. The Department has very talented and dedicated faculty members. Their high degree of academic credential is a result of their commendable academic work. They can teach their students in Hindi, English as well as Sanskrit medium also. They are well equipped with Modern Technology like digital and information Technology so that the students can understand easily. The Department also offer Inter disciplinary courses. The National Education Policy has been Introduced in DU. One of the Main thrust of NEP is to inculcate the Indian Knowledge system and scientific approach to the study of Sanskrit. The teachers are interested in interpreting the text writing with modern approach.

         The Departmental society 'Sanskrit Samvay' (संस्कृत समवाय) has invited very eminent scholar for academic discussion. We also organised Quiz competition, Sanskrit sambhashan and cultural programme. We have very rich library with most useful Sanskrit books to the benefit of the students.

     It is hopped that the students joining the Department will find themselves in the most congenial atmosphere for their studies throughout their stay in College.

Courses Offered:

The Department offers B.A. (Hons) Sanskrit and offers the Sanskrit as discipline in BA Programme.