Knowledge Sharing Events-

Knowledge Sharing Events

S.No. Name of the Event Announcement
1 Live Webinar on President Joe Biden and US-India Relations Image
2 Webinar Conducted on “Indian Constitution And Its Philosophy” Image
3 Webinar Conducted on “ Kautilya ki Prashasan vyavastha” Image
4 Webinars Organized by Environmental Science Department on “National Pollution Control Day 2021 ” Image
5 Webinar Conducted on “Wildlife week” Image
6 “International Day for the prevention of ozone layer” webinar Image
7 Webinar Conducted on “Computational Application of Sanskrit” Image
8 Webinar Conducted on “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” Image
9 Webinar on “Macroeconomics: Theories and Policies” by Dr. Alex M. Thomas, APU Image
10 Webinar On “Intellectual Property Rights And WTO” by Prof Biswajit Dhar, JNU Image
11 Webinar organised on “Statistical tools and Analysis” Image
12 Webinar Conducted on “How to do a Data Science project step by step” Image
13 Webinar Conducted on “Software Development Evolution” Image
14 Webinar on “Utilising College Days the right way” Image
15 Talk on “Sarkari Kamkaj mein Hindi ka Prayog” Image
16 Talk on “Federal Structure if Indian Constitution” Image
17 Lecture Organized by Environmental Science Department on “Earth Parliament” Image
18 Talk on "Mathematics and Technology” Image
19 Discussion on "Research Abroad & Data Analytics Careers" Image
20 Talk on “Food in the making of the nation” Image
21 Talk on “Why study history” Image
22 Discussion on “Multicultural Nationalism” Image
23 Talk on “Environment, History and it’s politics in Post-colonial India” Image
24 Talk on “Exploring the horizons of archaeology as a profession: Challenges and Opportunities” Image
25 International Lecture Seires on “Mapping the Victorian age through Jane Eyre” Image
26 Academic Talk on “Discourses of Identity in Modern Indian Literature” Image
27 Talk on 3 rd Digital India Summit Image
28 Interactive session on “GPT-3, a blessing or a curse” Image
29 Interactive session on “Future of Tech” Image
30 Speaker Session on “Viksit Bharat@2047: Sankalp se Siddhi” Image
31 Dr. Srishty Kasana, Assistant Professor, Daulat Ram College, Univ of Delhi presented her research on “the dynamics of climate change”. Image
32 Talk on “Economics of small things” Image
33 Discussion on “The age of pandemics ” Image
34 Talk on “Application of Statistics: Some case studies” Image
35 7 Days On-Field International Workshop/ Exchange Program Image
36 Creative Writing Workshop on “Inkwell Insights” Image
37 Workshop on “Python Programming” Image
38 Workshop on Mental Health Awareness and Substance by Computer Science Department Image
39 Two days Workshop on Machine Learning by Computer Science Department Image
40 Two days Workshop on Linux and Open Source software Image
41 A hands on workshop on WordPress web design for non-Computer Science Students Image
42 One day workshop on “Web Scraping” Image